Please bear with me while I mess around with the look of this blog.  Colors, layout, content…I’m in a spring cleaning mood.  Again.  Or still.

It’s sort of like my hair.  My hair is mostly all long (and straight), but periodically I’ll start asking my sister “should I have bangs again?” and after rolling her eyes ALL the way back in her head several times and trying to ignore me, she might, if I’m annoying enough, cut me some bangs.

And then I’ll love the look; I’ll think I look youthful and cute or something like that, when, in fact, I probably don’t look any such thing, ever.  And then my bangs will start to grow out, and the minute I can see a single hair of them dipping into my field of vision, I start to get headaches on a regular basis (it’s my eyes – they keep adjusting the focus from bangs to book to bangs to computer screen to bangs to tv to bangs to child’s face, and so on.  Drives me KUH-RAY-ZEE.)  And so I’ll grow them out.  Which, as anyone who’s ever grown hair out before, is a torturous process filled with doubt and second-guessing and angst and barrettes and hair clips and head bands and sometimes even HATS!  I know.  It’s ugly.  I shudder just typing this.

I’m in a bangs-growing-out phase at the moment.  They’re about half an inch past my nose, which is good because if I am standing up straight and there’s no wind blowing, I can push the bangs behind my ears and they’ll stay there.  Of course, standing still and avoiding air movement is rather limiting, so I either put up with them flailing across my face or I pin them back with a few well-placed hair clips, or I wear a baseball cap.  (Boston.  Of course.  It’s the only kind of hat I like to wear.  And I don’t really like hats.) 

And none of this really has a lot to do with the look of my blog, except that I’m in that annoying, undecided, should-I-get-bangs-cut-on-my-blog? mental state, and so I’m playing around with the colors and layout and whatever else I can mess with, happy in the knowledge that no matter what I do, I can always change it back a lot faster than it takes to grow my bangs out.

And I won’t need hair clips or a hat.

Back tomorrow with a food post. 

I know.  It’s about time.

One thought on “Coloring

  1. NO! Definitely not I do this to myself every year! We are so the same…as soon as I do it, I like it for the first few days and hate it afterwards using every means to sweep them under and back. Perhaps just getting some long layers in your hair to give it bounce and full ness but please no bangs, just reading this gave me bang pangs…and then I pulled them down to measure and my banges are now at my chin. The last time I cut them was December 2009 and it took them til now to be under my chin!

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