Green Spaghetti – The Way Mom Used to Make it


When I first started blogging, a whole bunch of years ago, one of the first recipes I sort of posted was for a dish we made for dinner – pasta with a bunch of chopped green herbs.  I titled the post Green Spaghetti, but really, it wasn’t THE green spaghetti I had as a kid.

This is.

I started with a bunch of parsley from the garden.  Our parsley did really well through the winter, and oddly enough we didn’t mulch it or protect it in any way.  I figure the 80 feet of snow we had (or close to it) this past winter insulated the parsley from the colder air.

Anyway, the parsley’s been growing so well that we have to trim it back frequently just so it doesn’t shade out the nearby seedlings.

So – get a bunch of parsley. 


Chop it.


Not too roughly, not too finely.  I had about 3/4 of a cup in the bowl you see above.

Now, cook some pasta. 


I realize what I’ve got isn’t spaghetti, so the title of the post isn’t really totally accurate.  But the original dish was spaghetti, so I’m keeping the title as-is.  You can feel free, too, to use any pasta shape you wish.

Now, melt some butter (or use olive oil if you prefer) and toss the hot pasta with your fat of choice.

Then add the parsley.


Serve it up and top with some grated parmesan or romano if you like.

Or, in this case, shaved dried Manchego.


In total, I used about half a cup of the parsley.  Use more, or less, according to your preference.


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