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Making a Healthy Snack


You’ve met my daughter.

She asked for an egg sandwich the other morning, and while the egg was frying, she grabbed her camera and took a picture.

I’m thinking of starting a separate blog just for her, an offshoot of this one, maybe “Barefoot Kitchen Pixie” or something like that.


That same day (Julia was home from school, recovering from strep throat), later, after the egg sandwich, she was hungry.

A clear sign she was feeling a lot better….

Julia, my petite little flower, is nearly always hungry.

And, of course, she wanted something like potato chips.

No, I told her.  You’re still sick.  Have something healthy.  We’ve got two kinds of yogurt…or you could have a banana.

I don’t like yogurt she said.  (Whined.)

Yes you do, I reminded her. 

No I donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn’t!  And I don’t wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt a banana!

Well you’re not having any kind of chips, either.


And so I put on my thinking cap (okay, not really.  I don’t have one.  Which could be part of my problem in life.) and called her from where she was sulking from chip-deprivation in the basement.

How about we make a special drink!  And you can help!

She considered this for a moment, and then her face lit up and she nodded vigorously and probably told me how awesome a mother I was. 


She does that sometimes.

Now, my husband is the king of special drinks.  He’ll blend fruits and club soda and add a maraschino cherry and a straw…sometimes a little paper umbrella.  He pours them into special fancy cups with some ice cubes and the kids are always delighted.

So the idea of making a special drink really appealed to her.  And it appealed to me because I could work something healthy into it.

So, let’s get started, shall we?  I got a banana, and Julia got some yogurt.


And I moved the food processor.

I let Julia do most of the work.  She loves this stuff…


We’ve got blueberry yogurt and strawberry-vanilla. 




And a banana.



The banana peel goes in with the compost.


Time to blend!






Looks good, but there’s just one more thing to add.

A couple of ice cubes – to chill it all down and add a bit of froth.








Mom, this is awesome!   

And with that, she forgot all about wanting chips.            

4 thoughts on “Making a Healthy Snack

  1. And I bet it felt good on her throat, too! Funny how just changing the presentation makes the same ingredients more appealing. 😉

  2. I know – it wouldnt have worked for me, either. I think she mostly wanted contraband. If Id offered her ice cream instead of chips, that would have worked, too.

  3. Wonderful picture. A little girl is making soup and looking so beautiful. She is enjoying in cooking taking picture of her food by feeling of happiness.

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