Testy Snakes

Spammed comments are annoying, because I have to go and delete them and then ban the IP address, which takes time…it’s kind of like weeding the garden, only less meditative.  And it doesn’t smell as good.

But sometimes I just have to laugh.

A lot of the spammy comments I get are from people somewhere whose job, apparently, is to write comments and then use the URL of some company – discount sneakers or treatments for shingles, or something like that – as their blog URL. 

The thing is, whoever these people are – the ones doing the commenting…well, they don’t sound all that believable.  Like they haven’t reeeeeeally read the post.

Like this one, that I deleted yesterday but couldn’t quite let it go.

It was a comment on this post – Making a Healthy Snack

This blog is really very nice and interesting. I love this snakes and it looking really very  nice. It is so yummy… i really like this snakes. It is very excellent and testy snakes.

When I first read it, I was thinking “Snakes…why’d it have to be snakes….” – okay, no I wasn’t – I thought that a bit later – I was thinking “Snakes?  I didn’t write a post about snakes…what are they talking about?”

And then I realized snakes = snacks.  Ohhhhhh.

And testy = tasty.

Hee hee hee.

And despite the annoyingness of it, that spammy comment gave me a bit of a laugh for the day. 

I’ll take that.

Have to go now…I’m hungry.  Think I might make myself some testy snakes.

2 thoughts on “Testy Snakes

  1. A lot of idiots have way too much time on their unproductive hands, eh. So annoying. I for one like your SNACKS and your posts in general. Always fun to come here. Thanks

    Lynn in NC

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