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Thai-ish Scrambled Egg Breakfast Pizza


I’m not even finished eating this.  But it’s so yummy I had to share.

It’s basically a breakfast of leftovers, which is one of my favorite ways to do breakfast.

I don’t really have a recipe, per se.  Just what I did with what I had.

Interested?  Hungry?  Follow me….

It all started on Tuesday.

I had the day off, and I decided to make some stuff.

First, I made a batch of mozzarella

I haven’t made mozzarella in a while, which, now that I think about it, is a ridiculous state of affairs.  Why not?  It’s so easy, and so worth it.

I need to make cheesemaking just a regular part of my week.

But that’s another post.

Okay, so I made a batch of mozzarella, and immediately dropped the finished ball of cheese into an icewater bath to chill quickly and save it for later.

Then I used 4 cups of the mozzarella whey to make pizza dough.  I also used 2 tablespoons of yeast, about 3 cups of all-purpose flour and 7 of whole wheat flour.   2 tablespoons of salt.  And a bunch of fresh oregano from the garden.  Oh, and 3 cubes of garlic paste.  I think that’s everything.

I also made a couple batches of cookie dough – snickerdoodles for Julia and chocolate chip and walnut for Alex.  But that’s not relevant to this post either.

I put a couple cans of crushed tomatoes in a pot, added garlic, more oregano, olive oil, salt, and…oh, yeah, some ground beef I had in the freezer – less than half a pound. 


That bubbled for a while while I washed dishes and baked cookies.

Then, I made dinner.

Several different kinds of pizza.  One was double pepperoni with a stuffed crust…







I made another one with come chopped arugula.


It also had mozzarella, bleu cheese, and walnuts, and then, after it came out of the oven, a drizzle of olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.  Yum.



And I also made (but, alas, didn’t photograph), a couple of pizzas using leftover pad thai, red curry paste, sesame noodle sauce, coconut milk, and more greens.

I put some red curry paste in a pot with some oil and cooked that briefly.  Then I added coconut milk, about a tablespoon of leftover sauce from sesame noodles Bill made for dinner the previous night, and the peanut sauce we drizzle on our pad thai.  The resulting mixture was…well…sweet, hot, tart, creamy, rich, yummy.  I mixed that with the remaining pad thai, and then spooned the noodles, bean sprouts, chicken and tofu back out of the pot and spread them out on half of the remaining pizza dough.  I put assorted greens on the other half of pizza dough and spooned a little more of the pad thai and sauce over that.  Baked them and that was that.

Bill and I split half of one of the Thai-inspired that night and he ate the rest of it yesterday afternoon.

This morning, after he left for work, I warmed up part of the pizza that had the greens on it.  I scrambled a couple of eggs, adding some of the multi-dimensional sauce to the eggs while they cooked, and then topped the warm pizza with the eggs.

And that was that.

It’s SO good. 

Some days I’ll want something sweet for breakfast, but most of the time I prefer savory.

This is one of my favorite breakfast creations ever.

Good thing there’s still a little of the pizza left.

I might have the same thing for lunch.


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