Little Visitor


It’s the baby bunny again!

This little guy is a relatively frequent visitor to our yard, along with at least one other, bigger relative.  It’s hard to tell if there are more of them than one – they’re all brown and furry and cute.


And the best thing is, they seem far more interested in nibbling on the clover on the lawn than in raiding our gardens.  At least for now.

Anyway, Julia spotted the baby this morning as Bill was getting ready to leave for work.  The bunny hopped toward the street, looked both ways, and then thought twice about venturing so far.  He turned around and hopped halfway up our front walk before ducking under the Hosta plants.

A little while later he hopped into the boat garden and hid under the wide assortment of plants there, until, just moments ago, he appeared beneath the white beach rose.

I managed to snap a few pictures before he scooted under cover again.

And of course, Julia and I made plenty of girly, delighted squealing noises at the sight of such fluffy cuteness.

One thought on “Little Visitor

  1. We used to delight whenever BunBun would make an appearance in our backyard in Des Moines. Alas, the coyotes here in Texas tend to have BunBun McMuffins for breakfast… we’re much more likely to enjoy visits from our armadillo pal or the cool tarantula that lives in the hole next to the deck. 🙂

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