I think these have become my favorite flower.

Irises used to be my favorites, and I still love them…but these peonies have climbed a little higher over the years.

These peonies in particular.  We’ve got these, and we’ve got dark pink ones that have slightly smaller blossoms.  Both had grown in Bill’s mom’s yard, and when she passed away, they were among the plants we brought to our gardens.

The white ones are gorgeous.  Huge, soft, lush flowers accented with dark pink here and there on the inner petals.


Yesterday it was really windy here.  Really windy.   The pea plants were swaying unhappily against the tomato cages that (partially) support them, and the big peony bush was drooping under the weight of blossoms and the relentless wind.

The peony blossoms were all bent over and facing the ground.  So I cut a bunch and brought them inside so I could enjoy them.


They smell so good, too.  Kind of like roses.

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