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Salmon Omelet with Homemade Feta and Chives


I’ve been on an omelet kick lately.  Or a scrambled-eggs-with-stuff-mixed-in kick.  This morning my eggs and additions took omelet form.

Here’s what I used:


From the top right – two eggs, some leftover grilled salmon (wild caught, Alaskan), chives from the garden, and homemade Feta from last week’s cheesemakingpalooza.  Okay, I guess I didn’t make enough cheeses for it to qualify as a “palooza,” but I made four kinds.  And one was Feta.  (The short-term version, fyi.)

Anyway, back to breakfast…


I melted some butter in a hot pan.  It’s not non-stick.  I’ve got a couple of non-stick pans, both certainly useful for omelets…but I’ve been using them less lately.  I’ve become much more conscious of all the chemicals in our food and environment…and are there bad things leaching out of the non-stick coating into my food?  I’d just as soon not have to worry about that at all.  So I pulled out my old 10”, copper-bottomed Revere-ware pan instead.

I bought this set of Revere pots and pans back when I was in college.  My mom had received Revereware when she got married, and it had served her well for all those years.  So I looked on this big purchase (at the time) as an investment.  And I still have – and use – them all.  Sure, we’ve added other pieces, heavier-duty pieces.  But we haven’t gotten rid of any of my copper-bottomed pots.  In fact, after Bill’s mom passed away, we added some of her Revere ware to our collection. 

Anyway, when the butter was melted, I added the beaten eggs, let them set, and after about a minute or so I distributed the salmon, feta and chives over the surface.

I let the whole thing cook like that until the eggs were nearly completely firm, and then I rolled the omelet onto a plate.

I took a couple of pictures, but not a lot. 

I was hungry.


That was a little while ago.

I’m not hungry any more.

What did you have for breakfast?

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