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The Bacon Posts are Long Overdue


It’s about time I wrote about making bacon.

We’ve done it twice now, and we’ll do it again this summer, because it’s yummy, and it’s cool to be able to make your own stuff.

That’s why we make lots of our own stuff – bread, cheese (well, working on expanding that, but still…), beer, we grow lots of plants, we can things and pickle things and make sauerkraut and kimchee…there’s probably more, but you get the idea. 

So yes, last year, two times, we made bacon.

And I took pictures, and meant to write about it, but the giant Painting The House Ourselves project took over, and then other things came up, and I just kept not doing it.

That has to stop.  And stop now.

So stay tuned…the Makin Bacon Saga will begin shortly….

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