Bacon · Eggs · Goat's Milk Cheeses · Mozzarella · What's for Breakfast?

All Four Food Groups! Including the All-Important Bacon Fat Group!


I almost feel like I should post this under an assumed name, what with all my perky, healthy, Look!  We Grow Vegetables!  posts lately. 

It’s…I don’t even know what to call it, other than one of the yummiest breakfasts I’ve ever had.

It’s a fried egg on top of warmed goat milk mozzarella on top of arugula on top of a piece of leftover pizza dough that was fried in bacon fat.

Yes.  Bacon fat. 

And yes.  It was that good.

Here’s how it happened…

Cucumbers · Pickling

Fermented Dill Pickles


I know.  It’s a rather…sparsely populated image, isn’t it?  Usually my two Kitchen Aid stand mixers hang out at that end of the counter, but during all the flood drama the other morning I’d moved off of that end of the counter so we could try to fix the fridge (that black thing in the left of the above picture). 

I kind of like all this cleared-off space now, so I’m wondering if I should put at least one of the mixers in the pantry or somewhere.  I usually only need both of them around cookie-baking-extravaganza time in November/December.  Hmmm…

Oh, yes, and I’ve been making pickles.

Gardening · Photography

In a Flower Mood


Bill and I just took our morning perambulation around the gardens, and I brought my camera.  Maybe it’s because of this morning’s earlier brief post, but I felt like taking pictures of any flowers currently in bloom, both on vegetable plants and on plain ol’ flowering plants.

I also took a few shots of other things…dew drops…assorted bug life (and death)…bird poop.  But mostly flowers.

No more words now…just the pictures….