As The Gap Widens


About two weeks ago, she looked like this.  Well, not every day.  But if you look at her mouth, you can see one of her front teeth is slightly askew. 

We waited.

And then she looked like this.


And she was very happy.

But the story was far from over.  The other front tooth was also very wiggly.

And a couple of days ago, Julia came to me and showed me just how loose the tooth had become.



Dangling by a thread, as they say.

I asked if she wanted me to pull it out, and she said no.  When Bill pulled the other one out there had been some blood, and even though she wasn’t phased by it at the time, I think this time she was, perhaps, not in the mood to bleed.

So she hesitated.

And her tooth hung there, flapping in the breeze.

No, really, it did.  Julia would kind of go “thhhhhhh” through the partial gap, and this dangling tooth would flap and twist.  Freaky.

So, finally, she agreed the tooth needed to come out.

We trooped into the bathroom and she stood on the little stool so she could see her face in the mirror. 

“I’ll get some paper towel,” I said.  Just in case.

I brought back a couple of sheets of paper towels, and Julia held out her hand for them.

“I just want to see how much blood there might be.” she told me.

I handed over the paper towels, Julia kind of bunched them into a little ball and pressed them into her mouth to – I don’t know – check for a hint of blood.

And the tooth popped out.  Just like that.

Right into the sink.

No, it didn’t go down the drain.  I wasn’t about to let that happen.  The tooth just bounced around in the sink for a moment and came to rest far from the drain.

Here it is.


Not even a speck of blood.

It was ready.

And so was Julia.

She LOVES her giant gap.


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