Barefoot Rock Climber


Among all the things to do and places to eat at the resort, there was a little area that included a batting cage and a rock climbing wall.  Or…tower, I guess.

Julia climbed some of it one day, and then, on our last day, she gave it another try.


She decided to try it barefoot this time.  She had a pair of crocs (from the wedding), and she was offered soft, flexible, rock wall climbing shoes but they were way too big, so she elected to climb without any shoes at all.


I don’t know how tall this is, maybe around twenty feet?  It’s pretty tall compared to my little girl.





IMG_4043     IMG_4045



My fearless adventurer! 

6 thoughts on “Barefoot Rock Climber

  1. Good for Julia! But from the title I thought we’d be seeing you fearlessly climbing up…

  2. It looks like she really does not need shoes, she climbed that tower very well. I guess you can put away her shoes for the summer and let her go barefoot. Julia appears to have very tough feet.


  3. I agree Deanne, that little girl doesn’t need shoes. My daughter is the same, she goes barefoot all the time except when in school, she has soles as tough as leather. Because I know her feet can handle it, I no longer fuss at her to wear shoes.

  4. Julia obviously is a determined girl who is not scared of heights. One thought, it would be better for her to be barefoot instead of wearing crocs, her feet will actually be much cleaner, crocs attract dirt and gets it all over the feet, toes etc. During the summer my daughters go barefoot all the time, they take a bath before bed and they are barefoot the entire summer. Their feet soon toughen up so a trip to the grocery store can handle the walk across the parking lot and the freezing cold floors by the frozen food coolers (they actually like the cold floors!). Julia did a great climbing job, my girls have climbed one like it at a mall. Strong toes are needed!

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