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I was getting ice from the freezer, which is near the back door in the kitchen, and I just happened to glance outside.

And I saw a little bunny on the grass on the other side of our driveway.

Eeeeeeeeeeeee!  A bunny!  Only there was no one to tell, because everyone else was (and is) still in bed.



So I put the ice down and ran for my camera – I ran softly and on tiptoe so the bunnies wouldn’t sense my presence and get spooked – and snapped off a few pictures before they scampered away.

Now – the pictures aren’t great – I was shooting through a window and a screen – but I couldn’t open the door because, of course, that would have spooked the bunnies.

And I certainly didn’t want to do that.

Here they are…

First, they introduced themselves from a polite distance…


And then they said “wait a minute, you look familiar!” to each other, so they hopped closer and did a bit of sniffing.


And a bit more sniffing.


Until finally they realized “Hey!  We’re brothers!”


“Tag!  You’re it!”

And away they raced.


The end.

P.S.  For some happy reason, the local bunnies don’t seem interested in our gardens. 

They prefer the clover that drives my husband, the lawn purist, insane (along with the crab grass and dandelions and violets).      

So thanks, bunnies, for eating the clover!

2 thoughts on “Bunnies

  1. awwww aren’t they sweet!

    Mind you, they do taste delicious too… I hope they get really big on breeding so you will have a little bunny farm for yummy dinners…

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