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Cheese Tease


Yesterday I made a batch of goats’ milk mozzarella!

I also made a batch of the 30-minute mozzarella with cows’ milk, for comparison purposes.

Unfortunately I only have about fifteen minutes to type today, so the whole process post with lots of pictures will be delayed a day or so.

I will say, it was a cool experience, and I might try it again.

I also will say that I stopped off at the New England Cheesemaking website’s “mozzarella questions” page, and discovered, with a slap to my forehead, that you CAN use goats’ milk in making the 30-minute mozzarella.  So I did have the option of skipping the long version.

But mentally I’d already psyched myself up for the long version, so that’s what I went with.

I think I learned some things along the way, too.

And I’ll share that with you in the post.  When I get it written.


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