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Giants Bowling in the Sky


Within minutes after I took this picture this afternoon, a HUGE crack of thunder interrupted the quiet bringing-in of the groceries for a moment.

Julia raced into the house, a fearful look on her face.

“I’m scared!” she announced.

I told her it’s only thunder, and not to worry.

A few loud rumbles later and the sky opened up with a hard, but brief, downpour. 

And then the sun came out.

Ah, July, you and your crazy weather!


When I was little, younger than Julia is now, I remember someone – some adult someone – in my family telling me that the cracking and rumbling of thunder was really just giants bowling in the sky.

It captured my attention and imagination enough that I was no longer bothered by the ominous sound – I was just intrigued.  Were there really giants having a huge bowling tournament somewhere up there?  What did their bowling alley look like?  Did giants have team shirts with the team names embroidered across the back?  How big were the trophies?


Shortly after the thunder today I heard – and even felt – a quieter, more distant-seeming rumble.

And then I realized it was my stomach.

Perhaps it’s not giants bowling…maybe God’s just really hungry.

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