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Itsy Bitsy


We went blueberry picking the other day. 

Came home with 8 cups of blueberries, mostly the tiny wild ones. 

So dark blue they look black.

And so tiny…


I rinsed them all and picked out the little bits of debris:  stems, leaves, squishy overripe berries, the occasional bug.

Or arachnid.

(I give that warning for readers with serious spider issues.)


See the little gray spider?



So cute.

I let the spider go.  I try not to kill them if possible.

Anyway, I rinsed off the berries, and so far I’ve made muffins, a tea cake that I’m very happy with, and I’m making jam today. 

And next week we’ll go blueberry picking again. 

We kind of missed out on strawberry season, except for what we picked in our own yard, and as a result I have NO strawberry jam or anything made.  🙁

I plan to make up for that with the blueberries.

One thought on “Itsy Bitsy

  1. I missed out on blueberry picking, was invited to go on the day I was flying to Florida 🙁
    Now it’s so hot that everything is fried or dried to the vine. The birds and varmits are gobbling up the neighbor’s grapes before they can have a chance to mature.

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