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Rogue Vegetables


For the last several springs now we’ve had the fun of discovering tomato seedlings popping up in the darndest places.  Sprung from seeds dropped last year, either by tomatoes that rotted off the vine or from seeds that ended up in compost, we’ve been finding yellow pear, cherry and – best of all – brandywine tomatoes.

We also get cilantro/coriander and dill showing up in unexpected spots – another bonus.

THIS year, however, we’ve got the biggest rogue ever.

It’s a butternut squash plant (as you probably figured out already) that grew either from beneath or right beside one of our compost bins!


It’s huge.  I took the picture above just over a week ago and that looks puny compared to this week’s version.  I should go take a picture so you can see the difference.  Hang on, I’ll be right back….


Welcome to our summer jungle!


This butternut is taking over the whole corner of the yard, practically.  And we don’t mind a bit.


The more of these winter goodies, the better!   

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