Thoughts While The Cheese Curds Form

At least I hope that’s what’s happening in the pot. 

There’s always a bit of fingers-crossed, “Will the curds curd?  Will the whey whey?” anticipatory nervous fluttery-stomach feeling while I wait. 

And not peek under the lid.

So I figured I’d sit and type until the timer goes off.

It’ll give my flappy hands something to do. 

I’ve already done all the dishes.


My kids and the-boys-who-live-across-the-street have been playing most of the day together.  And, amazingly enough (here I go, jinxing myself now), they’ve been getting along pretty well, the four of them.

They played Operation earlier…and they played “spy” – which necessitated Julia carrying her pink pretend laptop around so she could input information into their spy files or something – and they just had lunch across the street, and now they’re going in the pool over there.  They did other stuff, too, but I was doing my best to ignore them.  If there’s no screaming, I’m not needed.

Julia’s other front tooth is VERRRRRRY wiggly.  So wiggly she can push on it so it hangs from her gum on an angle.  SO tempting to just yank it out, but she doesn’t want to.  Yet.


My kids had their yearly physicals recently, and the Dr. thought, after looking at Julia’s throat, that she might have strep.  He asked her if her throat had been hurting and she said “Yes, a little bit” – but of course, she’d said NOTHING to me about it.  She’s funny like that.  Had a double ear infection once when she was very little – never complained a bit about the pain – I only found out because she was feverish.

Anyway, so the Dr. took out a package of that double giant Q-tip thing so he could swab the back of her throat.

Everyone’s favorite test, at least in my family (she said sarcastically). 

If this had been Alex, he would have talked for hours, attempting to distract the Dr from doing the test. 

Not little Miss Julia, though.  She sat there – without mommy’s comforting, immobilizing arms around her – opened wide, hollered AAAHHHHHHH when requested, and didn’t even flinch when the Dr did the swab.

She amazes me.

And now I have to go – the timer just went off.

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