We were hacking our way through the jungle this morning and made an exciting discovery…


We’ve got tomatillos forming!

We’ve had so many flowers all over the plants, but hadn’t seen any fruit yet.

And we planted tomatillos once, years ago, but we didn’t know much about the plants, and they soon got way too big for the spot we’d put them in.  So we yanked them out.

This time around we knew better, and Bill planted them in a better spot.

We’ve inspected the flowers almost daily, just waiting and dreaming of green salsas and sauces, and then, this morning, I was looking through the plant and – A TOMATILLO!

I let out a shriek, Bill probably thought I was stung by a bee or something, but I pointed and HE let out a shriek, too!

Okay, no, he didn’t, but wouldn’t it have been funny if he did?  It really would have…he doesn’t normally shriek.

Anyway, I found a few more in various stages of tomatillohood:





Cool, huh?

3 thoughts on “Tomatillos!

  1. Out of curiosity…do you have more than one tomatillo plant? We only have one and DH read that it takes two to pollinate. Our lone plant is growing great and has tons of flowers on it. Maybe there’s hope for it, yet?

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