While I Make Cheese…

Here’s a picture of my arm from a couple of days ago


Some friends and I gathered together and had henna tattoos done.  The gathering was mainly for the friend who is pregnant – her 5-more-weeks-to-go belly was kind of the star of the henna show, for lack of a better way of phrasing it, and the rest of us each got something drawn, either on an arm or a leg.

Mine is a sort of musical staff with a treble clef, a lizard, and a butterfly.

Here’s how it’s looking today, now that the glitter and henna have been washed off. 


Kinda cool, huh?

Not sure how long it’ll last…the henna dye colors the upper (dead) layers of skin, so as they slough away, the color fades.

I’m planning not to wash that section of arm for as long as possible, just to keep the color visible.


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