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On my arm.

Bill and I were looking at a tomato plant in the front yard yesterday when this gorgeous little creature landed on my arm. 

I froze in place, hoping it would stay a while, and sent Bill into the house to get my camera.  Actually, what I said was “RUN IN THE HOUSE AND GET MY CAMERA!”  I can be rather bossy.  But only when the situation warrants. 

He said “really?” in a kind of weary, she-takes-too-many-pictures-and-i-just-want-to-drink-my-coffee tone, but he went in anyway and took a few pictures of my arm before the dragonfly flew. 

The above picture is the best of them.

But wait!  There’s more!

The dragonfly landed in the forsythia bush, and I was able to take a couple more pictures before it got sick of us and flew to another yard.



I’m just glad it stopped by, however briefly.

One thought on “Dragonfly

  1. dragonflies scare me. they may look cool but I dont like the way they hover around. they remind me of planes. like mini planes that are going to try and crash into me….this is Natalie by the way. Mom left her name and email in this thingie so..I decided to leave a comment.. 😀

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