As I mentioned in the last post, I’ve been reorganizing and rearranging my work area in the basement.

It’s where my laptop usually hangs out, along with all my sewing stuff and jewelry-making stuff. 

Lots of stuff.

I’ve had four large totes FULL TO THE GILLS with fabric…pieces I’ve bought, or inherited, or received because someone was just getting rid of it…or pieces that used to be clothing and – in a very brief return to my Amish-wannabe mentality – I cut down to re-use in one of those quilts I’m always planning to make.  And one tote had quilts that still need to be repaired.  I know, I’d make a horrible Amish woman.

Anyway, one of my goals was to empty the fabric from those bins and get it sorted better and then stored in something more accessible than bins under a table.

This morning, I got that one checked off the list.  I’d put up these metal shelving unit things that have baskets that slide in, and I filled them with all my fabric, loosely sorted by color.  There were a few big pieces that I stuck up on top of the unit so they wouldn’t hog all the space in the bins.  But mostly, everything fit in the bins.

After I finished each tote, I’d stack it over near the washer and dryer, not sure if I’d use any of them for a different type of storage, or if Bill would use them in the garage, or what.

When I finally pulled the last bit of fabric from the last tote, folded it and stuck it with the appropriate colors, I really felt like I’d accomplished something.  I lifted the tote from the chair where I’d set it, ready to toss it with the others, and I heard a small rattling sound.

Earlier I’d knocked over a plastic box (no lid) of beads Julia was using to make a necklace, and beads flew everywhere.  I figured I’d just found one of them.

I looked in, expecting pink or purple, and instead, I saw something small, and sparkling, and…incredible.

Something I hadn’t seen for nearly two years.

My jaw dropped, and I ran upstairs to show Bill.

I still don’t entirely believe I found it.  Right there.  At the bottom of a tote full of fabric scraps.

I should reorganize more often.

8 thoughts on “Found

  1. OMIGOD!! That is brilliant!! I so remember when you lost it, and now it is found!

    All things come to she who waits you know.. :))

  2. I had to go back and read the original post – isn’t it wonderful what treasures you’ll find when you’re not exactly looking for it?
    I’m so happy that you found your diamond, and get a ring that the prongs won’t snag on! hehe.

  3. Wow! Hubby lost his wedding band when I mailed it to him in an envelope full of stuff, he was working in Okla. we were living in Texas. After I got to Okla. I asked him where he was standing when he’d opened the envelope when he got it. He said “right there beside where the truck is parked.” I went over to the spot, swiped my foot across the dirt a few times and spotted a gold circle buried flat with the surface. Isn’t it awesome when you find something that means so much to you?

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