I Know, It’s Become an Obsession


But I can’t help it.

This morning I went outside to check on The Web.  (It’s become so important to me that it now deserves capitalization.)  And, not surprisingly, there was no web – just some strands of silk left after all the rain we had yesterday.

I started to walk past my car and was surprised to feel a rather strong, slightly stretchy band of something across my forehead.

I know I could have broken it if I kept walking, but the fact that it gave a bit when I blundered into it made me stop. 

I couldn’t be part of the destruction. 

So I stepped back and squinted and saw a relatively thick strand of web stretching from the clothesline to just above the front passenger side window of my car.

Upon closer examination I discovered that it was not one but six separate strands, all launched from different little spots along the rubber above the window.

If you look closely at the picture above, you can see that the strands are just stuck there…I don’t know what I expected – a few fancy sailor knots, perhaps? – but this wasn’t it.  This looked like a kid had sprayed a concentrated blob of silly string on my car.  Six of them, actually.

Those strands merged into the one stronger, thicker strand that I’d walked into moments before.


So cool.


A minute ago Bill called me outside and pointed to the pavement right near the back steps.  A mob of ants were swarming around something…a little pale, tannish blob on the driveway. 

He asked if I thought it was the spider, and I stared long and hard, looking for something to indicate that it was or wasn’t, but I just couldn’t tell.  The ants had been too busy.

I confess, I felt a little prickling behind my eyes.

I hope it wasn’t her.

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