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Don’t Look If You’re Arachnophobic

I’ve got a couple of pictures below, but they’re not of REAL creatures.  The pictures are at the very end of the post, so if you want to keep reading, feel free.

Just a friendly warning for some of my friends.  🙂

I was playing around with some clay with the kids a little while ago, and these are the two little creatures I created.

I remember taking pottery classes in college, and I loved them.  This stuff is different to work with from organic clays – it’s a polymer clay that you bake in your home oven…kind of like play-doh for grownups.   But the tactile element is similar.  In fact, it’s a lot like working with fondant.  I’ve made beluga whales, ballerina elephants, and assorted Star Wars creatures and characters.  It hit me this morning – that recently – that I could do the same thing with clay.  And, you know, no one would eat the results. 

I find the process relaxing.  A whole different part of my brain gets to stretch while most of the rest can take a nap.  I need to do more of this. 

Anyway, here are the two little creatures I made earlier.  I took these pictures before I baked them.  They came out of the oven a little while but I’m letting them cool before I mess with them any more.



They’re kind of cute, aren’t they? 

The kids thought they were cool (wait til I show you what Alex made), and I’m basically happy with how they turned out.

But now – the challenge.  I want to make some that are more realistic.  

Enough with the cute.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Look If You’re Arachnophobic

  1. I don’t like spiders at ALL, but these are lovely! Looking forward to seeing more….but not TOO realistic, please! (ps – I intend to use the phrase “hunkering down” in a blog post later…just so you know!)

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