Man With Kale


Bill pulled one of the kale plants out of the garden the other day.  It was shading the spinach.

That’s some damn big kale.  Actually, there were three or four smaller kale plants around it as well.  They got yanked out too.  I was in the middle of canning stuff (as evidenced by the jars to the left of the picture), so I just told him to put it on the dining room table until I could get to it.

So then the dining room table looked like this:


I ended up removing the thick rib from each kale leaf, then blanching and freezing it all.  The leaves, not the ribs.  I just didn’t have time to do anything with it.

And today…I don’t feel like doing anything.  Alex is home sick with a sore throat (not strep, but his tonsils are the size of lychees) today, so I’ve been happy to not slice or chop or process or can anything so far.  Actually, a nap would be nice….

Anyway, I’ve got about a dozen posts in the works, mostly about things I’ve been canning lately, but at the same time, I think me being sick lately and simultaneously trying to can everything within site plus do other stuff…I think it’s caught up to me.  I don’t want to type.  I want to sleep.

Alex has been staying up late, reading.  Too late.  He needs sleep.

Bill, I think, still hasn’t adjusted from summer to school-year.  He needs sleep.

Julia…well, Julia seems to be the only one full of energy and without throat pain.  But she needs to sleep, too.  Because I’m her mother and I say so.

It’s drizzly today.  We have nothing tonight – no swim class, gymnastics, baseball, work, or other scheduled activities.

I’m thinking it’s a good night for a quiet night.  Early dinner.  Early bedtime.

I think it will do us all some good.

3 thoughts on “Man With Kale

  1. Wow! I love Kale. Especially my mom’s portuguese Kale soup, kale chips, sauted with garlic and red peppers, raw in salads. I could eat allthat up in no time 🙂

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