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Booger Jam


This isn’t something you’ll be able to make all the time, of course.  In fact, in order to make the project worth your time and effort, it helps if you gradually stock up on the ingredients over, say, a year.

It really helps if you’ve got small children and your whole family gets massive head colds throughout the winter.  Just, you know, save the bits and pieces in ziploc bags in the freezer so they’ll stay nice and almost-fresh.



Ten Years Ago

It’s been a pretty regular day today.  I made an experimental batch of cinnamon rolls with mushed up peaches in the filling (yum, in case you ever want to try that yourself)…Julia went to a birthday party…our niece, Lisa, is up visiting from Florida and we got to spend some time with her.  A good day.  Relaxing.

The sky is a brilliant blue today.

I kept feeling, this past week, that I should write something to…what word to use?  Commemorate?  Acknowledge?  Remember?  To give a nod, bow my head, to this date, September Eleventh, and the horrible events of ten years ago.

Only I didn’t know what to say. 


No Love Too Deep, No Pain Too Great

Busy day.  Still not feeling great, but despite (or because of) that, I spent the day – like the past several – careening around the house like a pinball from one must-do project to another.  Why?  I don’t know.  It’s how I careen.

Anyway, let’s see, I dropped Julia off at a birthday party, then about an hour and a half later Bill took Alex to his (Alex’s) ball game (fall ball), and then I picked up Julia, dropped her off at Alex’s game, and then headed to work.  Bill had told me to call in sick, but I couldn’t do it.  Anyway, I got there, and they didn’t need me, so I got to leave in order to (per one of my coworkers) have some soup and some tea with honey and lemon. 

I opted, instead, to catch the end of Alex’s game. 

Motherhood · Musings · My Kids

Another First Day of School


School was supposed to start last week, but Hurricane Irene gave Bill and the kids an extra week of summer vacation.

Last Tuesday I had the kids doing all sorts of day-before-the-first-day-back-at-school things:  cleaning their rooms, stripping and remaking their beds (okay, I did the remaking), cleaning out their backpacks and restocking them, choosing their clothes for the next day…lots and lots of work. 

And then, at some point early in the afternoon, I learned that the first day of school wasn’t going to be tomorrow.  It might be Friday, but they weren’t sure.

So I told the kids, and they immediately dropped everything and tried to go off to play, but I stopped that nonsense and told them they still had to finish.

“Why?  We don’t even have school tomorrow!”

I don’t care.  You need to clean up this big mess that you made while you were cleaning.  Just do it now, and then it’ll be DONE.

Grumblingly, they trudged back to the dining room and finished my cruel and torturous chores.

Some days, motherhood is so much fun!

Salsa · Tomatillos

Roasted Tomatillo and Jalapeno Salsa


We tried growing tomatillos once years ago, but we didn’t know what we were getting into.  We thought we’d have tame, manageable plants, kind of like tomatoes. 

We were wrong.  The tomatillo plants grew huge and crazy, and since we’d planted them in front of shorter things, we ended up (gasp) yanking them out of the ground before they could produce anything.

I know.  Shameful.  But we were relative novices then, and skittish.  This year, armed with experience, confidence and more garden space, we tried again.