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Scratchy vs The Lobster Twins


Bill brought home a couple of lobsters last weekend, and while we waited for the water to come to a boil, we put the lobsters on the floor near Scratchy, just to see what would happen.

See the picture above?  See the fierce, predatory look on Scratchy’s face? 

That’s not at all what really happened.


Here are the lobsters.

We’ll call them Unlucky and Unfortunate. 

You already know Scratchy.


We sometimes call him A Pillow.

But anyway.

We were all hanging around in the kitchen that day, looking forward to lobster salad for lunch (except Alex, who likes his lobster straight up, no mayo), when someone – probably Bill – noticed Scratchy nibbling at his food and wondered how Scratchy would react to a couple of lobsters sauntering by.

So Bill put the lobsters on the floor.


They waved a greeting, but Scratchy, who is not accustomed to crustaceans, forgot his manners and simply stared.

They didn’t do anything, but they were weird looking and scary anyway, so Scratchy, his eyes never leaving the big, wet bugs, started to slink away.


There are actually a LOT of pictures of this event, but so many of them are Scratchy just staring at the lobsters that I decided not to clog up the internet with them. 

After creeping into the dining room and staring for a while, one of the lobsters actually moved, which scared our Big Brave Male Cat.  You can see him in the image below – tail twitching, eyes never leaving the invaders…he’s completely ready to run away very quickly.


Bill moved Unlucky (the lobster on the left) a bit closer to Scratchy, just to see what would happen.

Scratchy had backed away at first, but he was starting to realize that these two weren’t really doing anything threatening, so maybe they weren’t so dangerous after all.

He approached.


“Hmmm…smells like the sea…or what might imagine the sea smells like if I had any concept of the sea and an imagination……”


The lobster moved its claws, sending our fearless feline backing away again.





Thank goodness we don’t depend on him to protect us from invading crustaceans, that’s all I can say.

About this time, after cheering Scratchy on and trying to encourage him to be brave, Julia, realizing that too many words can be confusing, drew a diagram indicating what she thought Scratchy needed to do.


Scratchy opted to try a different tactic.

“Yo, whatup?”


And that is the rather anticlimactic end to my story.

Disclaimer:  No lobsters or cats were harmed in the photographing of this adventure.  Lobsters were, however, boiled and consumed shortly afterward.

They were yummy.

5 thoughts on “Scratchy vs The Lobster Twins

  1. Poor lobsters. Did you pop them into the freezer for half an hour before boiling? RSPCA recommend this as lobster shuts down gently and doesn’t have the trauma of being dropped into boiling water. Sorry, I’m very animal oriented and also veggie so like to know that living things have been dispatched humanely.

  2. Jean,

    I didnt know about RSPCAs freezer recommendation for lobsters until your comment, so no, we didnt pop them in the freezer before boiling. Thank you for the information, and for commenting. I appreciate it.

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