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September’s Banner


I just put up a new banner for this month. 


It went through several incarnations, but I knew I wanted to include images of yesterday’s harvest.

September is a big transition month, I think, garden-wise.  Lots of harvesting, lots of clearing out and preparing for the winter and the following spring.


Bill and I cleared out the garden at the back first, because that’s where we’ll plant the garlic soon.  We had a huge tangle of tomatoes, potatoes, and nasturtiums, with ropes of morning glory vines strangling what they could.



I picked red tomatoes for sauce and green tomatoes for jam. 


And we harvested winter squash.  Not all of them.  These are the strange butternut hybrids that sprouted of their own accord from beneath one of our compost bins and attempted world domination.


They’re the color of butternut, and kind of the same shape, but they’re shorter and fatter….


A couple of them appear to have been gnawed upon early on in their development (you can see this on the lower right squash). 

I also picked nearly all of the red noodle beans and a single yellow wax bean and a green bean.


Once I’d picked everything, I lined up the basket and bowls by the corner of the house and took a picture.


Look at that rainbow of vegetables!

I could have composed it better, though.  Moved the watering can…the rod holders in front of the cement blocks from Bill’s fishing excursion the other day…and the little green strappy things we used to hold up tomato plants that I stuck in the bowl with the green tomatoes and five final pickling cukes and some kale.

OH – speaking of kale…isn’t it gorgeous?


We didn’t really harvest any, but some got pulled out when Bill took down the cucumber trellis.

I used the kale as a sort of background for the main collection of images.



Oh, anyway, back to the picture of the rainbow of vegetables….since I wasn’t happy with a few of the details, I thought I could kind of hide that by giving the image a kind of old photo/sepia-toned look.


And then I didn’t end up using it at all.  Ah well.

Anyway, that’s the story of the banner. 

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  1. Nice banner. In Texas, September is sort of like August. We don’t get “September” until late October. It is kind of a long hot drag.

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