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Webs in the Windows

Okay, I know, it’s not even October yet, but we’ve started putting up Halloween decorations anyway.  For whatever reason, we felt the urge earlier than usual.

Alex and Julia scattered skeletons and skulls throughout the house, and I made spider webs out of nylon cord for some of the smaller windows.

As I was struggling with my project – it’s not easy to make a web – I kept thinking of the illustration in Charlotte’s Web of Wilbur leaping around with a bit of rope in an attempt to show Charlotte he could weave a web. 

He failed, of course.

And while I don’t have spinnerets, at least I have fingers and opposable thumbs.  That helped somewhat.

I don’t plan to use nylon in my next web-weaving endeavors – it’s slippery and doesn’t hold a knot really well.  But still…I think they look kind of cool.

I’ve put them below the jump, just in case webs (with fake spiders dangling in them) creep you out.


Above is my first attempt.  Not very good, I admit. 


Here’s the second one.  As you can see, my spinning skillz have begun to improve.


Here’s the third one…


And, finally, this is the fourth one.  There was a spider in the middle, but it fell down last night and I haven’t fixed it yet. 

And yes, in case you were wondering, I did attempt to write a word in one of the webs. 

The last web.

I just wanted to write “Boo!”

But it’s not so easy.  Especially with slippery nylon as opposed to sticky web silk.

So the web writing is on hold for the moment.

But I’m pretty happy, overall, with my little webs.

I’m thinking of painting them with glow-in-the-dark nail polish.  Maybe.

4 thoughts on “Webs in the Windows

  1. They have glow in the dark spray that you can find with the Halloween Hairspray colors (tho it is NOT for hair). Our drugstore usually carries it or Walmart.

  2. I wonder if that waxed twine would be easier to work with. They look good, regardless!

    Do you ever watch “Family Guy”? I was thinking about the bit when Charlotte the Spider had Tourette’s…
    (I won’t write more, since it’s a bit blue. But it made me laugh, hard.)

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