Why There’s No Post Up

I’m sick.

Started with a sore throat the other day, aches, slight light headedness, weird clenchy/hungry spasms in my stomach. 

But I have so much to doooooooooooooooooooo!!! 

I had planned to spend my two days off canning things, baking, writing posts, working on a baby quilt, working on other sewing or jewelry projects…with the occasional load of laundry thrown in.

My head wants to do stuff, but the rest of me doesn’t.  So I’m doing a little bit here, a little bit there.  I made a batch of feta last night, some tomato sauce, baked rigatoni with lots of cheese and a batch of garlic bread – comfort food.

The other day I made a jam that I want desperately to call “booger jam” but that might be a bit off-putting if you’re older than six.  Still working on that post.

Today I’m hoping to make a batch of watermelon jelly, mainly because it’s pink and sounds interesting – there’s lemongrass in the recipe – should taste interesting.

I have other canning projects to do, plus I want to make some biscotti and we need bread…what else, oh, yes, there’s finishing reorganizing the pantry, the neverending loads of laundry, sinkloads of dishes, picking up after the colony of monkeys that romp through the house on a daily basis…I’m sure there’s other stuff too.  Oh yeah, pea soup.  I have a big smoked ham bone in the freezer and it really really wants to help me make pea soup.  Maybe I’ll make that for dinner…..

So, once I get the kitchen stuff done, I hope to sit down and write my “booger jam” post.

Or I’ll take a nap.

8 thoughts on “Why There’s No Post Up

  1. Sick or not, I will always vote for “a nap” whenever it’s an option!

    Feel better and looking forward (?) to the Booger Jam post!

  2. Booger jam… green grape, kiwi, gooseberries…
    Jayne, really, when one of you is ‘down” the others should be able to take up some of the slack, a load of laundry, some dishes… Those children of yours should be able to handle some of that, and your husband… Everyone should know how do a bit of everything…
    When you are sick you need to rest to get better. So take it easy…

  3. Pamela,

    The kids were at school, my husband was at work and then helping a friend cut down a couple of trees – something theyd scheduled a couple weeks ago. The kids do their share – they help with laundry, they pick vegetables, Julia helped cut up tomatillos for a salsa I ended up canning later in the day yesterday. Its not that no one else does any of this – its just that I was the only one home, and I have a really hard time doing nothing. And Ive found when Im sick, its like some part of my brain clicks into overdrive and starts coming up with a HUGE list of ideas of things I wanted to do/make/photograph/etc. Its weird. And then two seconds later my brain will go dumb and I will have to stop and remember what I was just about to do.

    But rest
    assured, my kids have daily chores to do, and they help out with the bigger projects as needed. They did a lot of the weeding in the gardens this summer. I dont think I did any of it this year. And my husband does a lot around here, too. I just get kind of crazy when Im feeling run down.

  4. Jayne, I was sure they do help out! I was just thinking that you probably put pressure on yourself to do stuff when you should be taking it easy. So I was hoping they could pick up some of the slack while mommy isn’t feeling so well. And I hope you get well fast. I check your blog everyday, it’s one of my favorites.

  5. Pamela,

    Its funny, I wrote that response to you, and here I am tonight, still not feeling great, but my husband has a sinus headache, so that (somehow) trumps my chest cold and sore throat. Hes down for the count, but Im awake, I fed the kids, put them to bed, and will probably be the first one up in the morning. I mentioned this phenomenon to him – how when Im sick he suddenly gets sick, too, thus usurping my role as Unwell Parent In Need Of Comfort and Peace, and he agreed that it happens a lot. Right before I went to CVS to get him some sinus meds. Part of me wants to yell NOT FAIR! But what would be the point? 🙂 Thanks for reading and for being sympathetic!!

  6. I was the only one home and I have a really hard time doing nothing. I fed the kids, put them to bed, and will probably be the first one up in the morning.. And I hope you get well fast. I check your blog everyday, it’s one of my favorites.

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