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A Day For Sewing Projects

We’re supposed to get snow tonight, though perhaps not much in this part of the state.  We often tend to be on the line where the snow and rain meet.  The ice and sleet line. 

It’s already pretty cold out, and the sky has that pale gray, thinly clouded look to it that says “yes, something’s coming.”

We’re supposed to get rain first, later this morning, and then the snow tonight as the temperatures drop further.

So…I am here in my work area in the basement.  I’ve got laundry in the wash, and I’ll work my way through all the week’s dirty clothes while I do more fun things like practice making little zippered pouches or drawstring bags and finish Julia’s Halloween costume.

Oh, and I’ve also decided it’s a perfect day for a Harry Potter movie marathon.  Sorcerer’s Stone is playing now. 

Anyway, that’s what I’ll be up to today, for the most part.

How about you?

2 thoughts on “A Day For Sewing Projects

  1. Hello there, I’ve never commented on your posts, but I’ve read and been inspired by them 🙂 Anyway, I was just curious if you live in Pennsylvania? I’m looking out the window right now watching the snow come down. I don’t ever remember it snowing in October! Anyway, enjoy your snow day…

  2. That is crazy! We set a record with 5 inches today, and lost power, hope you had a cozy day :)Love your pouches!

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