Clay and Wire and Beads

Just figured I’d share a few pictures of some of the things I’ve been doing lately….

First, there’s another spider.  This time, the head and body are clay, and the legs are wire.  (Pictures at the end of the post.)

I also watched some videos on youtube about different wire projects and had some fun making a few hair vines for Julia.  (Hair vine?  I’d never even heard the term before yesterday.)

Here’s the one she wore today:


Please ignore the hair clip – I only had one bobby pin in the whole house.  I know.  I’m a terrible role model in the girly department.  But isn’t the hair vine cute? 

Here’s another one –


I made one with green beads, but it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaay upstairs and I don’t feel like getting it.

Oh – and another cool thing – the wire is old guitar wire.  Thanks, Bill.

I also made a couple of rosary bracelets on memory wire to sell on etsy – haven’t posted them there yet. 

Oh – and before I forget, here’s my newest spider.



Isn’t he cute?

Now I need to figure out a way to make a hair vine with a little spider on it….

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