Happy October!


I went around the house – inside and out – looking for a suitable banner image for this month.  (As usual, I am not ready BEFORE the new month.)

Not much was happening inside, so I prowled around outside looking for signs of October…


Like these last cherry tomatoes, most of which have been attacked by squirrels, birds, and bugs (though you can’t tell because of my carefully framed image).

But…nah.  I’ve taken enough vegetable pictures.  Besides, tomatoes = summer, and it’s not about summer now.


I thought this was kind of cool – it’s one of the few spider webs I could find that had survived last night’s rain.  It’s right next to the vent cover for our dryer (that white part in the top of the picture).


And just to the right – these dead leaves, covered with a raindrop bejeweled web.  I love raindrops and dewdrops. 

But then I noticed this:


Right between the vent cover (left) and those leaves – a tunnel through the web.  How cool is that?? 

I took several pictures, from different angles, so I could keep the white plastic out of the picture (white plastic just doesn’t say “autumn” to me)…and this was the best of the bunch:


A little cropping…a little editing…a little text…and – October’s banner!


Now I have to go check on the bread in the oven.

What autumnal things are you doing this weekend? 

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