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Lizard Cake


Alex’s birthday was months ago, but for an assortment of reasons his birthday festivities were delayed.  And delayed.

Finally, he had a couple of friends sleep over (friends who haven’t slept over before – that was his criteria), and I made his cake.

Inside, it’s chocolate.  And that’s peanutbutter frosting.

And those are lizards.

I put four lizards on the cake – mainly because it was a smallish cake and there wasn’t a lot of space to work with.  Also because with Alex, his two friends, and Julia, that would be a lizard per kid.

For some reason, kids like to eat fondant. 


But they’re kids, if it’s got sugar, it’s fair game.

Anyway, the lizards.

First, I made our current lizard – the Cuban Anole.


Complete with dewlap.  It was my first lizard, and maybe I should have scrapped it and tried again, but I didn’t.

Next up, the Green Anole.  Our first two (three?) lizards were green anoles, so it seemed appropriate.


Next…a gecko.  Why?  They’re cute.  And when Bill and I were on our honeymoon in Hawaii, we saw a ton of them.  Everywhere.


The feet are the hardest part.  On all the lizards.

And, finally, my favorite. 

The Bearded Dragon.


One of Alex’s friends has a Bearded Dragon.  They’re kind of sweet, as lizards go.  And vegetarian, so they don’t try to bite you, unlike OTHER lizards I could name.

But anyway, once I painted a face on this guy, I was sort of smitten.


Isn’t it cute?

Well, I think so.  And so did Alex, which was the only thing that mattered.

He loved his cake. 

And he and his friends and Julia loved the lizards, too.  They made quick work of them.

I’m just glad they were in another room and I wasn’t witness to the carnage.

Maybe that’s why I’ve started playing with clay.

The kids can’t eat my little clay creatures.

3 thoughts on “Lizard Cake

  1. Wow, those lizards look amazing! I can’t make a bead out of sculpey, I’m afraid I’d epic fail with fondant. Although as bad as it tastes learning to work with it I wouldn’t have to worry about gaining any weight!

  2. I agree with you on the “ugh” for fondant, but your lizards are delightful! Even I’d be tempted to nibble their tiny fondant toes! Lovely work!

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