Musings · Thanksgiving

The Rest of Thanksgiving


I have to say, food-wise this was probably my most successful Thanksgiving meal to date.  I know, that sounds like bragging, but I’m really not.  I’m kind of delighted and amazed. 

Above – our appetizers.  Way in the back, in the crystal dish, we’ve got Ants On a Log.  Alex spread the peanut butter and Joe’s fiancé, Sage, added the raisins.  Then, on the little green plate, kind of blurred, are the sausages and mustard.  More on them in a bit.  Then we’ve got little squares of a version of kale pie that were – I’m bragging now – fabulous.  And then there’s some cream cheese with hot pepper jelly on top…crackers, and mixed dry-roasted nuts.


Brass Girl


When I was very little, this record – !!Going Places!!, by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass – was one of my favorites.  According to my mother, I’d stand in the dining room (where our record player was) and dance my little two-year-old head off.  Pieces like “Tijuana Taxi” and “Zorba the Greek” – I can hear them so perfectly in my mind it’s like the record is playing.  Over and over.

Maybe because of that very early exposure, I’ve always loved the sound of brass. 

I know, and I married a classical guitarist.  We’ve probably committed some sort of sin in the music world.  Well, maybe not.  I’m not a musician, so it’s probably okay.