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Billy and the Blue Butterfly


Here’s Alex, aka Billy the Exterminator.  I made the costume for him last year, and he decided to wear it again this year.  It still fits, after all.  His beard is slightly different – it’s made with his own hair, saved from his last trim.  And Bill decided to superglue it to Alex’s face. 

Moving along…if you look behind Alex, in the right of the picture, that blue (and barefoot) creature?  That’s Julia. 


She’s a butterfly.

Originally she was going to be a skunk – you know, Billy the Exterminator…and a skunk.  Seemed like a good theme.

But then Alex got invited to a Halloween party and to go trick or treating with some friends, so Julia being a skunk just didn’t make sense any more.

So – butterfly.


I made the wings out of organza and wire and taffeta…and I wish I’d taken a better picture because at this point they were rather droopy.  I pinned them to her shoulders so they wouldn’t flop over.  But you can see them somewhat in the picture of Alex above.  Next time I make wings, I’ll use a sturdier gauge of wire.


I made the antennae with a headband wrapped in more taffeta, and some wire and beads.  Her earrings are similarly colored beads (made them, too).

And – her favorite part, I think – the makeup.  This picture was taken before the Halloween parade in our neighborhood (kids and parents in costume) – before she went trick or treating I added even more pale blue to her face.

She loved that stuff.  And the blue lips.

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  1. Bailing wire works great for wings! Was she barefoot in that first picture? Didn’t ya’ll just have snow the other day? Lastly, is Alex’s hair that long? He looks good in the hat.

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