Her Turn


Scratchy’s been getting more website time lately, so this morning when Softie was sitting neatly beside the keyboard near our front window, I got my camera and took a few pictures.


She’d like you to believe she’s musical, but the occasional dainty mewing is pretty much the only music in her repertoire.

Still, she looks cool sitting there like that.

I love how tidily she is sitting.


With those ladylike paws.  


6 thoughts on “Her Turn

  1. She is meeYEWtiful! Do you play the piano? I know there is guitar instruction going on at your house, but I don’t remember if you’ve mentioned keyboard/piano before. I have a number of piano students; if I could teach piano full-time, I probably would, because it’s so dadgum fun.

  2. I dont really play – I just know little bits and pieces of songs. I think I have a good ear, but as far as training goes, I had a year of flute and that was it. Right now Julias the one dabbling with the keyboard. And shes become more focused on her guitar playing as well. Oh – and she likes to sing God Bless America whenever the opportunity arises.

  3. Those are amazing pictures. You have a very beautiful cat. I just love cats, as we have 4 now. We are not allowed to go to the vet anymore, because everytime that we go there we come home with a new family member. What I find funny is on my memory card i have 2,427 pictues and out of all them i swear 3/4 of them are of the cats. Explain that to me please.

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