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Forgot to mention this in either of my Thanksgiving-related posts.  This salad?  Everything in it was plucked from one of our winter gardens.

Now, granted, with the exception of the freak snowstorm we had around a month ago, it’s been a pretty mild late autumn.  But we’ve had cold nights and frosts, so if we didn’t have all these greens covered, they’d have died by now.

But they haven’t!

And we have lots more out there, too.  Last year we managed to pull off a small salad for Christmas dinner – just because, you know?  But this year I don’t think it’ll be all that difficult to pull off. 

I’m mostly talking about the greens.  The carrots are tougher and will last for quite a while tucked snugly underground.

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a real post and a recipe.  Just like normal.  Mostly.  I’ve got a busy week ahead of me.  My kids’ school is having a holiday bazaar on Saturday and I’ll have a table set up where I can sell my mish-mosh of jewelry and rosaries and recycled paper thingies and cookies and little embroidered ornaments I’ve been working on lately.  I can’t seem to just stick with ONE thing, can I?!

For now…gotta run!

One thought on “Just a Moment to Write

  1. It is undoubtedly healthy, but I don’t think it is tasty. I think I prefer tuna salad. But I love your post, there is nothing better than spending all the nice holidays with you family, sharing those warm and special moments.

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