One Last Bit of Thankful


Julia brought this home last Wednesday.  I meant to share it earlier, but I kept forgetting.

Anyway, it starts out traditionally enough with

“T is for the turkey I eat on thanksgivin.”

H is for hapey pepale.” (happy people)

and then…

”A is for Animale sin to keep us worm.” (A is for animal skins to keep us warm)

Um….Julia, we don’t wear animal skins.  Your winter coat is a blend of man-made materials. 

“N is for Never eat to much turkey.”  (or too much turkey, either.)

“K is for the king of ingind.”  (I’m assuming she’s thanking the King of England back then for being such a meany that the pilgrims decided to come to the new land, eat too much turkey, wear animal skins, and be hapey.  Because if all that happened, we wouldn’t be here today.)

And my favorite…

“S is for sords to kile animales.” 

(S is for swords to kill animals.)


That’s my daughter.

6 thoughts on “One Last Bit of Thankful

  1. Gotta love that!!
    It is priceless!
    I can see her chasing the turkey with a sword.
    She could have a feather hat.

  2. i think you should do a game meat dinner entry in honor of julia…squirrel would be tough to get (without getting too involved)…how ’bout a nice rabbit recipe?

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