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Up until today, I still felt the residual effects from being sick and hardly eating most of last week.  Foggy headed and suspicious of many foods that I’d ordinarily like.  That was me.  Unable to multitask without becoming grumpy and stressed.  Such a joy to be around.

Today, my head is clear.  I feel like I actually have a working brain in there instead of polyster fiberfil.  It’s a nice change.


Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this at all since the school year started, but homework and Julia?  A much better relationship in the second grade.  Last year, first grade, she went from half-days at kindergarten to full days of first, PLUS homework of some kind (mainly spelling or vocabulary words, with the occasional math problem) – it was HORRIBLE.  Every day of homework – so, that would be Mondays thru Thursdays – was an ugly patchwork quilt of emotions and reaction:  stubbornness, silliness, tiredness, sadness, anger, rage, exhaustion, depths of despair…oh, she could have earned all sorts of drama awards if they gave them out for Best Little Actress Trying To Get Out Of Writing Spelling Words Four Times Neatly On Lined Paper Without Gouging Holes With The Pencil.

This year?  I have a new and improved daughter.  A mature young lady who, when it is time to do homework, finds and sharpens her own pencil, decides in what order she will complete her assignments, shows me her finished work proudly, and then puts everything away in her folder and then into the backpack.

Maybe not every single day, but 98% of them. 

And that’s SO nice.


I’ve got three pumpkins’ worth of cooked flesh in the fridge.  Tomorrow I need to puree it and pack some of it away, and make something with the rest.  Something like pumpkin muffins or pumpkin bread, I’m thinking.  I’m overdue.


My sister joined me into a photography group on facebook (joined me into = sign me up) that concentrates on photos taken within the state.  Some of the other members are professionals in one way or another, others are really good amateurs, and others are kind of new to it all.  I don’t know what classification I fall into, but of course at first I didn’t post any pictures because I imagined that everyone would be sitting at their computers eyeballing my submissions and laughing so hard they cried.  And then they’d all message each other and ask “Who let HER in?”

That’s pretty much how I go through most aspects of my life.

And since my sister has known me all of her life, she was not shocked or stunned when I told her of my suspicions.  Rather than waste her time trying to soothe my ego, build up my confidence and make me feel better, she said “yes, there’s the REAL group, and then there’s the one that lets you think you’re a member.” 

She is the voice of irritated reason. 

Anyway, so I finally sucked it up grew a pair mustered my fortitude and submitted some pictures.

And – crazily enough – I got nice comments.

So I did it again.

And I got more nice comments.


My sister told me that on the other facebook page – the real one – they’re all still laughing.

I love her.


My husband and kids are all looking forward to snow.  Bill is already checking mountains to see how many trails are open.  And I just grin tensely.  Not that I begrudge them all the skiing – I’m just dreading our oil bill this winter.  We started out with around a half a tank – a hundred gallons – and I’m wondering if we can make that last until March.

I kind of doubt it.

So I’m the only one in the family praying for unseasonable warmth. 

I’m the family wet blanket.


On Friday of this week we’re going to slow cook ribs and baked beans in our fireplace.  Or, rather, on the hearth.  Or…in the hearth.  Near the hearth.  Hearthside.

Anyway, I’ll let you know how that goes. 

Pictures and everything.

Just, promise me you’ll laugh quietly.  In another room.  Where I can’t hear you.

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