End of the Year Thoughts

Because, of course, this is a time for looking back and for looking forward.

I’m often better at looking back…and beating myself up for things I didn’t do, or didn’t do enough.  I’m really good at that.  And then I look forward and I do one of two things.

Either I give myself too many things to do in the coming year – not just resolutions, but projects, plans, lifestyle changes and challenges – and then I freeze because the list is so overwhelming – or I just curl up and worry that the coming year I’ll be a bigger and better loser than the last one, and while, yes, it’s important to try to improve on things, I don’t think improving loserhood is something to strive for.

That said…

Lobster Sausage

Yes, that’s right.  Seafood!  In sausage form!  Is there no end to the sausage madness?

Not yet.

We decided to make a batch of Lobster, Shrimp and Leek Sausage (from Charcuterie) to serve as part of the appetizer segments of both Christmas Eve and Christmas.  Not a ton of it, because we didn’t know how it would be.  But enough for everyone to taste.

And so everyone could say “Wow!  I’ve never had lobster sausage before!”

We live for praise.  We live to inspire.

Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding

christmas morning(A glimpse at the Christmas morning chaos.)

This is really the first day I’ve had time to sit and type since before Christmas.  All that other time was spent either in preparation for the holiday (and holiday eve) or cleaning up after it, or working. 

And my camera hasn’t been working, either, so that’s been frustrating.  Bear with the cell phone pictures a bit longer, please.

I’m skipping ahead to our dinner on Christmas Day.  Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding.  I believe I’ve said it before, but this meal alone is probably responsible for me never lasting as a vegetarian years ago.  I think I could survive for five days on the aroma alone.

And the best part, especially on a busy holiday, is how easy it is to make.

The Voice on the Radio

We were driving early.  Very early.  Before a hint of sunrise.  The car zoomed along through the surrounding blackness, highway lights giving the journey a holiday effect.  Like we were tiny beings traversing the branches of a night-lit Christmas tree. The kids were in the back seat, bundled up and snuggled with their stuffed animalsContinue reading “The Voice on the Radio”

Making Sausage – John’s Experimental Sausage No. 2


This is John.  (John is the taller one.)  Telling you about John would take a whole separate website, and I simply don’t have time to launch such a project, so suffice to say John is Bill’s best friend and my very awesome friend as well.

I’ve mentioned John here in various past posts, most recently in my last series of sausage-making stories.  There have also been mentions of John in beer brewing posts, and probably here and there in other posts as well. 

But I tilt toward digression…I need to pull myself back to the post at hand.  And the sausage.

Held Captive by a Hypoglycemic Squirrel

I’ve been baking cookies over the last few days (in a frantic attempt to get caught up), and I decided to save the final trimmings from the cut-out cookies to bake and toss outside for the birds. Yes, I could just throw those last few scraps away, but it just seems so wasteful.  So IContinue reading “Held Captive by a Hypoglycemic Squirrel”

Fixing My Dryer


Warning:  All photos in this post were taken with my little cell phone.  There will be blurriness.  And poor lighting. 


There is the replacement of the drive belt in our dryer, so it will all be worth it!  (Well, to me and mine, at least.)

Anyway – this was not really difficult at all.  I did it solo, so you probably can, too.  If you haven’t already.

Shall we?

Appliance Error

If you read this post earlier today, do you remember me mentioning that our dryer is on strike (I thought it was just sick, but no, it’s now marching around the basement holding a sign that says “I’m sick of wet clothes, and I’m not gonna dry them anymore!”), and that I put one of my husband’s tee shirts (the undershirt kind, not the clever logo kind) in the oven because there were a few damp spots left from me trying to dry it yesterday near the fire…

And that smoke or steam or the mists of hell (something like that) came pouring out of the oven vent?  And I didn’t know what that was?