Learning from Mistakes

Appliance Error

If you read this post earlier today, do you remember me mentioning that our dryer is on strike (I thought it was just sick, but no, it’s now marching around the basement holding a sign that says “I’m sick of wet clothes, and I’m not gonna dry them anymore!”), and that I put one of my husband’s tee shirts (the undershirt kind, not the clever logo kind) in the oven because there were a few damp spots left from me trying to dry it yesterday near the fire…

And that smoke or steam or the mists of hell (something like that) came pouring out of the oven vent?  And I didn’t know what that was?

My husband hadn’t needed the shirt, so I’d just folded it and put it on a chair.  Later, as I headed upstairs, I grabbed the tee shirt, intending to put it away…and I saw this:


Yeah.  This used to be white.  

Now it’s golden brown and ready for the table.


Just thought I’d share, in case you’re in need of a bit of a laugh.

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