This is our front window at the moment.  Julia’s artwork, in case you weren’t sure.

Anyway, I was doing twelve things at once in the kitchen a little while ago and Julia called from the other room, “Mom?  Is it December first?”


This week is self-created chaos for me – I’ve got the holiday bazaar coming up on Saturday, and of course I don’t think I’ve got enough stuff to offer, or not enough of the RIGHT stuff (whatever that may be) to sell, and no one will buy a single thing from my table and I will be the Failure Of The School.

Only I don’t totally buy any of that, so I’ve just kind of ignored it (I only tell you because it’s funny and it’s probably typical of most of us.) as I go about getting my stuff ready and (of course) suddenly deciding to add ONE MORE THING to my selection of goodies.

I’m insane.

And so I figured the picture Julia had drawn in the window condensation was rather perfect.

And now I have to make lunches, get the kids to school, run too many errands, come home make stuff and generally run around like a lunatic.

You know, just a typical day.

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