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Held Captive by a Hypoglycemic Squirrel

I’ve been baking cookies over the last few days (in a frantic attempt to get caught up), and I decided to save the final trimmings from the cut-out cookies to bake and toss outside for the birds.

Yes, I could just throw those last few scraps away, but it just seems so wasteful.  So I made cookies for the birds.

Well, and for the squirrels.

I baked the little bits, let them cool, tossed them out the window onto the platform outside my kitchen window, and went back to the next batch of cookies.

I was scraping down the stuff inside my stand mixer when all of a sudden I heard a THWACK!

And here’s what I saw:


Fortunately I had the sense to pick up my cell phone and fortunately the squirrel had the courtesy to freeze in position every now and then.


What the heck was he doing?  They don’t usually behave this way.  They sit there, cutely nibbling seeds or crusts of bread.  They don’t ATTACK THE HOUSE.

But then, I don’t usually give them freshly baked cookies, either…

imagePlease, ma’am!  I want some more!”

But I didn’t have any more.  I shook my head regretfully and the squirrel scampered away.

I thought he (or she) had accepted my head-shaking and was okay with that, but apparently not.  Because several minutes later I heard another THWACK!

And I looked behind me and saw this:

image Um, buddy, I’m sorry, but I really, really don’t have any more cookies for you today.

imageYes you do, lady, I can smell ‘em!  Let me in!”

imageNo, those are cookies for my family and my friends.  Not for squirrels.  Sorry!

The squirrel made a rude gesture and fled.

That was weird.  Maybe I shouldn’t



Not again!

But yep.  Again.

This time at the kitchen door!


 “I know you’re in there, lady!  I NEED THOSE COOKIES!  And stop taking my picture!”



7 thoughts on “Held Captive by a Hypoglycemic Squirrel

  1. i think the chickens spread the word and he heard that you were getting a batch of biscotti together.

    i have never seen anything like it. we shall name him “cookie” the squirrel.

    your phone takes a good photo, btw.

  2. That’s so cute! The closest contact we have with squirrels is when they bury acorns in my herb pots by the patio doors and flip me off when I knock on the window. But now coyotes… that’s a different story, they would always come to the back door begging for more burned cookies or biscuits (we had a really crappy oven in Oklahoma.)

  3. I think I would have freaked out a little…. cannot get over thinking that they are just “country rats”….. and the fact that they were coming after you?!?! Yikers!

  4. That’s great! I guess that means your cookies are a hit!
    A lot of people don’t really like “having” squirrel’s, but I think as long as they’re not damaging the house – they’re A-O-K.
    … TWACK!

  5. I’m with joanne.

    Though the other day I was walking through the park, surrounded by squirrels– running through the grass, sitting on top of the fence, criss-crossing the pathway. I thought to myself, “Ugh! They really kinda are just like rats, only with fluffy tails!”

    Then I saw a rat, in the path in front of me.

    Yeah. That fluffy tail makes a BIG difference.

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