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No Sausage Post Yet, Just More Babble

I have tomorrow off – it will be easier to do that sausage post tomorrow.  I’m letting myself off the hook for now. 

In the meantime, and in the interest of writing SOMETHING food-related, here’s one of the nibbles I put out last night for our tree-trimming snacking.  (No sit-down dinner last night, just snacky food.  Our favorite food group.)

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O Christmas Tree


Next life, I want to come back as a pampered, much-loved, well-fed neutered male cat.  (I included the neutered part in there because he has no stress, no strong passions that drive him crazy, no need to pee on walls.  I don’t want to come back as an ANNOYING pampered, much-loved, well-fed male cat, after all.  And why male?  Because males generally get to lounge around like this (see above) while females, even pampered, much-loved, well-fed, INDOOR females, are nearly always on alert, ready to hunt or pounce.  I just want to lounge around next time out. 

I know – but what about the “O Christmas Tree” post title?  What’s that got to do with the cats?


Post Ponement

I started working on a post this morning (another sausage-making post), but it’s on hold for now.  I’ve got a little project to take care of, and also, our dryer isn’t working at the moment (it’s been such a year), so I’ve got clothes out on the line “drying” in the thirty degree air, and next I’m going to hang our unmentionables in front of the fireplace so they will dry by the time we go to bed, perhaps.

Anyway, for your entertainment, here are a few pictures I took at Capron Park Zoo this summer. 

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Making Sausage – Prep Work


You’ve no doubt heard the term mise en place (meez en plahs), which means “to put in place” or, basically, to get everything ready before you begin.  We mostly hear it used in the kitchen – you mise en place all your ingredients so you’ve got everything measured and ready to go before you start cooking – and it’s a good thing to do, frankly, because it would be a shame to suddenly realize that you’re out of some crucial ingredient midway through your fancy dinner prep.  Or something like that.

Anyway, in preparation for our Second Grand Day of Sausage Making this past Saturday, Bill and I did our mise en place on Friday.

Sausage Making

Making Sausage – It Helps to Have the Proper Equipment


When we first began to embrace the idea of making sausage at home, we were very excited, in an almost superior-toned, We Were Meant To Do This kind of way, because we already had a grinder.  A lovely, old-school, made-in-America grinder.  Made, in fact, by Universal, a company out of Connecticut who, unfortunately, doesn’t make everything in America any more, but still, they made THIS grinder.  It had belonged to Bill’s mom, and while to the best of Bill’s knowledge she had never made sausage with it, I, at least, had seen it in use around Christmas time when she used it to grind nuts for some of the cookies.

The idea of using this inherited piece of Americana to make our sausages was like a nod of approval from the Meat Gods.  Yes, my children, go forth, ye, and sausage-make.

And, thus ordered, we set forth on our journey.


While I Sort Images


I’ve got SO many pictures to sort through and organize from yesterday’s Charcuterie Day activities.  Bill, John and I made three different kinds of sausages, plus we handed over a fourth project for John to run with because he has better aging/drying/storing facilities than we do.  I’ve asked him to take pictures of the process and maybe write something up as well.