Julia in Concert


Julia's got an on-again/off again love for her guitar. 
Lately, the love's been on. 
And so last night, during our leisurely dinner cooked in the fireplace, she unzipped her guitar case and set up her sheet music.
I love watching my kids play guitar. 
Their hands move confidently and with growing grace.
The look of concentration on their little faces is so like their father's....

Breads and Crackers · Tacos · Tortillas

Flour Tortillas


I cleaned a whole bunch of bags of chicken and turkey carcasses, beef bones, pork bones, and assorted meat trimmings out of the freezer earlier this week.  We need to make room in there, at least, we hope we do.  We may or may not have a really good reason to need space.  So, in case all goes as planned (I’ll tell you after – don’t want to jinx it), we’ve been eating from the freezer as much as we can.