Hanging On


Some days I feel like I’m drowning.

And as someone who nearly drowned once upon a time, I know what that feels like firsthand. 

The not being able to breathe, the fear, the panic…and the fighting against all of that, through it all, to get back to the surface and gulp air deeply and gratefully…it’s a very familiar feeling.

And on days like that – actually, early, early, dark-of-night mornings like that when I wake up and can’t get back to sleep again – I search for things that might hold me up while I fill my lungs with air and wait for the tight feeling in my chest to subside.

And sometimes those things are as simple and unexpected as little hands with small blue-painted fingernails dotted in white.

3 thoughts on “Hanging On

  1. Me too…hugs to you! Your not alone! I have boughts of this and I know I have to keep going and not give up or give in.

  2. And for some of us, sometimes, it’s just knowing that someone on the other side of the country is making it through, so we can too.
    Feel better.

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