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FFwD – M. Jacques Armagnac Chicken


Returning to the fold…I joined French Fridays with Dorie back in October 2010, right at the beginning.  I cooked and baked along with everyone consistently for several months…and then I tapered off…and, eventually, stopped.  Not on purpose, not for any reason that I can remember.  I just had lots of other demands on my brain, I think, and something had to go.

But I missed it, I missed the fun of cooking “together” with a whole bunch of other people…and I missed the food.  So not too long ago I decided I needed to get back into the routine.  I may only participate once a month, but that’s okay.  As long as I participate.  Besides, it’s nice to have someone else decide what’s for dinner now and then!

And to kick off my return, I made this week’s selection, M. Jacques Armagnac Chicken. 

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Mercenaria mercenaria

Sometimes we think about leaving.  Sometimes it’s a frustrating state to live in, our Little Rhody.  The economy is still struggling, and my husband is a teacher, and what this state is doing (and has done) to his pension is appalling. 

So sometimes we think of going somewhere else.  Starting over.  Doing something different.  We’ve talked of farming.  I would love a cow, some goats, a bunch of chickens.  We’d both love more land so we could raise more of our own vegetables.  And we think we’d make a good go of it.

Until this happens….

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Make Your Own

We had salad for dinner last night. 

All four of us.

Salad and some leftover rice Bill had made the other night.

That’s all.

And everybody loved the meal.

I feel like I need to say “even the kids,” except that I don’t have that problem, for the most part.  My kids like their vegetables.  Most of their vegetables, anyway.  Enough so that if they dislike one or two, I don’t worry about it.

I know.  I’m lucky.




This picture has nothing, really, to do with this post.  In fact, I’ll probably put other un-related-to-this-post pictures in as I go, just because I like them and haven’t used them but want to.

The post is, instead, about all the things that I’m trying to tie together.

Sort of in the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, Spring Cleaning, and any other organizational reference you can think of.

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Scottish Oatcakes


A while back (a long while, possibly a whole year back) I decided I wanted to do more cooking and baking of English and Scottish foods.  I am mostly English, a quarter Scottish, and a pinch German.  We already have some German traditional recipes in our repertoire, because Bill’s mom was German.  I thought it was time to bring in more of my side. 

Of course, that was a year or so ago, and what did I accomplish?  Not much.  Well, there were the two crumpet recipes I tried out…but that was in 2008.

So – new year, new try.