The Recipe Page




It's back.

Changed, condensed, and without images, because they just took up too much space and were forever moving to spots I didn't want them in.

I've spent a bunch of time organizing these links to recipes and processes, and I'm still not completely sure I'm happy with the flow of the whole page, but I just wanted to get it out there and available for anyone who was interested in browsing.

There's a button/link thingy for it over in the right-hand column.

And now that I've finished that little project, I've got to head into the kitchen.

Today, I'm making stocks, sandwich bread, banana bread, a couple of dinner pie/quiche/tart things to freeze, more stuffies, and possibly some flour tortillas.

I think that's everything.

2 thoughts on “The Recipe Page

  1. So that means whenever I don’t know what to make for dinner; I’ll load up your page, scroll randomly, close my eyes, and pick a recipe!
    It’s so perfect. I love it!
    Honestly it’s straight forward. No fuss no muss. I approve!

  2. it’s amazing to me how you can take a blog that is so wonderful and still continue to make it even better. only a witch…….

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