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Leek and Mashed Potato Pie


Or maybe it’s a quiche.  It does have eggs…but it’s not custardy.  I’m calling it a pie.

I could also call it a starch-fest, because despite the leeks and eggs – and sausage – the main components are the pie crust and the mashed potatoes.

Oh…it’s yummy stuff, kids.


I’ve made this twice now, and it’s been a bit different each time.  I don’t have a recipe, just a game plan.

First, I make a pie crust.  Just a single crust is enough.  I line a pie pan with the crust, trim it neatly, and stick it in the fridge.

Then (or earlier, depending on how my day goes) I chop, rinse and soften the leeks in some chicken fat and/or butter.  I think I use 3 leeks.  I like leeks.  A lot. 

And while the leeks are doing their thing, I make some mashed potatoes.  A couple of good-sized russets makes plenty, but, of course, you can always make extra.  I mash my potatoes with butter and some milk, salt and pepper, and some plain yogurt.

Then I mix the softened leeks with the mashed potatoes and set them aside to cool a bit.


In this most recent pie, I added some cooked, crumbled (out of the casing) sausage, just for variety.  You can do whatever you like – sausage, pepperoni, shredded meat of any kind.  Or not. 

Once the leek/mashed combo had cooled to warm, I beat a couple of eggs together in a separate bowl with some milk and a bit of salt and pepper.  I poured this into the leek/mash mixture and stirred the whole thing together.  It’s kind of loose at this point, but not too soupy.  Oh!  And I find that mixing in some shredded cheddar or other yummy cheese is a good idea at this stage.

I preheat the oven to 425 F, then I assemble the pie.  First I put the sausage (or other meaty goodness, if using) on the bottom of the pie shell, then top with the whole leek and potato mixture.  I spread the mixture out evenly in the shell, and then top with more cheese, because life is short and cheese is yummy.

I bake the pie for about fifteen minutes at 425 and then drop to 375 and keep baking for another half hour or so.  Your pie may take longer or shorter, depending on how much potato you use/how thick the filling is.  When it’s finished, the filling will be somewhat firmed up, and the cheesey top will be gorgeously golden brown. 


(Sorry about the lousy picture quality.  My camera continues to malfunction at whim.  I could only take a picture if I used a flash.  So weird.)

Let the pie sit for a few minutes, then serve.

It’s great comfort food.  And you know, as I look at the picture above, I bet it would be good served alongside some chili. 

Just a thought. 


7 thoughts on “Leek and Mashed Potato Pie

  1. I love the term ‘using a game plan instead of a recipe.’ I might steal that. It’s absolutely the method I use to cook, much to the horror of my mother.

  2. I had never heard of mashed potato pie until a friend mentioned it the other day so I googled it and stumbled upon this…and so glad I did. I love your game plan of putting it together. I’m thinking maybe a little bacon would be good with this too…and you are so very right, life is short and cheese is yummy.
    Can’t wait to make this. Thanks so much!

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